About us

We are Saramah

As an innovative brand, Saramah focuses on offering the best natural, organic argan oil-based hair and body products. We stand by the integrity and exceptional quality of our products, which are purely intended to promote health and well-being.


The Essence of Saramah

The essence of Saramah lies in our core values and brand philosophy. We believe that while Argan oil has been central to beauty and wellness for centuries, it is also about preserving the history and heritage of a miracle in the Moroccan desert.


Our values

Our values are simple and mainly revolve around:

  • Beauty
  • Health
  • Wellbeing
Our product

Saramah Pure Argan Oil

Our 100% pure and high-quality organic argan oil is sourced directly from the Argan groves southwest of Morocco. Excellent for hair, skin and nail care, the vitamins and essential fatty acids (EFAs) in argan oil repair damaged skin, combat aging and stretch marks, prevent hair loss, attack dandruff, moisturize and strengthen the skin.

EU and US Certified Organic Argan Oil

Our longstanding commitment to quality and purity is as steadfast as the deep-rooted Argan tree, also referred to as the “Tree of Life” by the Berbers.

Highest ISO Standards with more than 4 Certifications

Our immense respect for Argan trees from which single-source Argan oil is extracted implies nothing less than the highest standards of production is acceptable.

Multiple Products in Various Fragrances

Our complete confidence in capturing the wholesome goodness of Argan oil has led to the development of a collection of bath and beauty products with all-natural fragrance enhancements.

Worldwide Shipping

Our unshakeable determination to showcase the rich Moroccan culture that Argan oil best encapsulates is to bring it to everyone across the globe.

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